Who is TAKU + TAKU?

We are a collaboration of two gyotaku artists, Lisa Lee Herman and Jessica Felby. Gyotaku is the Japanese art of fish printing (gyo = fish, taku = printing), but since we use this technique to print more than fish, we became TAKU+TAKU.

the graceful octopus collection

the graceful octopus printed directly from a 1.5m octopus, the print captures the ethereal beauty of this exquisite sea creature using an old Japanese art technique called "gyotaku" or "fish rubbing"

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    a timeless, premium look for your interiors or products printed directly from nature, using the Japanese technique of gyotaku, or fish rubbing, this is a truly authentic art-form that connects us back to the ocean, the forest or the sky, bringing to life the real beauty of nature our fine art becomes prints, the prints become products, developed at commercial scale & quality together with our select craftspeople